Author: Meera


Why is modern web development so complicated?

Building a modern web application is more complex than ever. Previously, web site owner could edit a simple file and upload it to a web server and call it done….but those days are long gone. Web development world is filled with various frameworks, Libraries and many jargons. In this blog, I would like to get…


Why ‘Think Outside the Box’ is bad advice.

Common advice dispersed to a techie is ‘Think Outside the Box’. The internet is filled with stories of successful people who allegedly owed their success to ‘thinking outside the box’. For a while, I believed in that philosophy. I soon realized that these stories are fantasies. Everybody loves a good underdog story and ‘thinking outside the box’…


Improve video engagement by adding a preview.

In the internet age, when people have grown accustomed to skimming through text and looking at photos – videos still remain a great way to connect with the visitors. I see many entrepreneurs  investing in crafting beautiful videos geared to sell their product. These awesome people come up with witty, clever words that are delivered…